Better Gas Mileage Tips – How to improve fuel economy

Many products claim you will get better gas mileage. Some of them are additives that go into a fuel tank, and some of them are magnets that are placed on a fuel line. Unfortunately, they won’t work at all. There are no such magical items. How can you improve fuel economy then? The answer may be straightforward yet effective, and you don’t have to spend any money on it. Here are some better gas mileage tips.

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Avoid Aggressive Driving

When you step on a gas pedal hard, a throttle gets wide open to let more air into the engine. At the same time, the vehicle’s computer sends signals to injectors to let out more fuel to meet the demands of the driver. Sometimes, hard acceleration is necessary, but not always, It’s a bad habit a driver speeds up to beat a yellow light just to get to the next traffic light. It’s more likely the next traffic light is just a couple of hundred yards away . What benefit is from it? Saving time? Not really! What you actually get is wasting gas and risk of accidents and speed camera or red light camera to trigger.

Drive Steadily, Avoid Speeding

Maintaining a steady speed helps the engine perform efficiently. And, don’t drive too fast because “sweet spot” for most passenger cars are between 30 to 50 mph, which is even lower than you might think.

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No Unnecessary Idling

Idling doesn’t do anything but wasting gas. Unless you need to do that for warming up the engine, Just turn the key off.

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained

Worn-out tires tend to use more gas than new tires because they are slippery and losing energy by slipping. Dirty air filter can’t provide enough air into the engine. That may cause a fuel-air ratio to be rich all the time and end up destroying a catalytic converter. Every component of the vehicle has to be good condition for the vehicle to perform effectively and efficiently. Ideally, they were in brand-new condition, but most of them are consumable. Thus, maintenance is important. Follow the maintenance schedule which service manuals recommend.

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