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How to Replace Audi VW Rear Brake Pads w/electric parking brake

Some new Audi and Volkswagen vehicles need a special type of an electric device to change rear brake pads. Without this, you cannot push a piston back into the caliper. Those vehicles use electric motors and module to set or release the parking brake. After deactivating electric parking brake, you have to push the pistons back into calipers manually, then replace brake pads. After putting back the calipers, electric parking brake have to be reactivated. Since electric parking brake module is very sensitive to low battery voltage and the power is needed to operate an electric parking brake, you had better connect a charger to the battery during the job.

The software in this video is called VCDS (VAG-COM Diagnostic System). It is very useful diagnostic software for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. It can access to all vehicle systems such as, Engine, ABS, Airbag, Radio, Climate Control, etc… The software needs a cable that connects vehicle control modules with Windows PC via OBD port. For more information about VCDS, click here.

The important thing is that you should know the whole procedure to change the rear brake of these vehicle. Since the system is still new technology, many people don’t know about this process. Maybe, most technicians or home mechanics try to push back the piston in a regular way. However, after a few attempts, they should stop doing and try to look for some information. It is always important to refer to the manuals or internet whenever you doubt or notice something unusual.