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Need a car repair information? Ask a Mechanic Online

When you have a question about your car’s problem, probably, it is the best way to ask a mechanic. But, instead of taking your car to a repair shop only for asking questions, you can just ask a mechanic online with a small fee or even for free.

JustAnswer.com – The easy way to get expert help

JustAnswer is a website that visitors and experts for various categories connect, and then ask and answer the questions. The categories include tax, finances, lawyers, doctors, vets, techs, and automotive. There are many verified mechanics available to answer your questions 24/7.

You first need to sign up and create your account. Then, put your payment information such as credit card, debit card, and PayPal. When you ask a question, they deduct a fee ($20 to $30). If you are satisfied with the answer, a portion of the fee will go to the expert who answered your question. If you are not satisfied, you will have options to request another answer or a refund.

Don’t forget to leave feedback. If you don’t leave positive feedback, or not request another answer or a refund if you are not satisfied, within 30 days after you received the answer, JustAnswer will take the whole fee. However, the time of response may vary on categories and types of questions.

You can ask as many follow-up questions as you need to until you get an answer that satisfies you. You can also have an option to get a refund.

Fees are literally a fraction of cost that may be charged by a local repair shop. And, it saves you time instead of taking your car to a local repair shop and waiting for hours in a waiting room.

2CarsPro – Ask Your Auto Repair Questions

There is another website that is a similar, question-answer type of website. 2CarsPro – Ask Your Auto Repair Questions is entirely free of charge. Most of the time, it takes a much longer time for an answer. And it may be less detailed than JustAnswer.

However, if the same exact is already listed here, you can get an answer more quickly than JustAnswer. It’s the only thing that is better than JustAnswer.

So, it’s the best place to start to search.


Thanks to the internet, you can ask questions and get answers without leaving home. You may get the exact solution by searching on Google, but if you don’t, there are websites to ask your question and get an answer with or without a fee. JustAnswer.com is the website with a fee. Their answer is detailed and quick, and you can ask follow-up questions without an extra cost. You also have an option to get a refund. JustAnswer.com saves you time. If you have a question, click here or type in the box on the right to start asking.