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This page is all about me. I am an auto mechanic for more than 10 years. I had changed several jobs before I started working in a garage. Those jobs has nothing to do with automobiles. I was a complete apprentice in the first repair shop.

Fixing vehicles with my own hands is exciting. soon, I got to love a mechanic job. I read many books related automobiles and studied hard as I was getting more and more skills. But, sometimes it was not enough when I tried to fix modern vehicles.

The shop I first worked didn’t have any repair manuals. Mostly they work for taxis and limos. They were the same models and we knew this models very well. But, next year, new model start coming to the shop and had to send them to an electrician because we couldn’t tell the problems.

That was the moment I was eager to look up in detailed auto repair manuals. I studied electric, too. But without wiring diagrams you may need to open up the whole harness. And also newer cars use lots of new technologies. This continues forever, faster and more in the future. You just can’t cover those with general knowledge of fundamentals.

When you fix a car, you need the right tools. And repair manuals are essential tools as well. I built this website because I want other mechanics or do it yourself-ers to know how to find the best repair manual for them, based on my reviews and experiences.

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