What’s the Best Online Auto Repair Manual? #3

This is the last page for what’s the best online auto repair manual. I have to tell you in advance, this is solely my opinion based on my own research. People have a different point of views and opinions. My opinions may not match yours, but I have researched and disclosed as much information as possible.

First off, let’s see vehicle coverage of each company. I cannot upload all coverage here in this website, so you should visit each website of online manuals to see if they have your vehicle’s manual. In this website, instead,  I can show you overall coverage of each company. This is updated in May, 2013.

  • Alldatadiy: Most domestic and imported vehicles sold in the U.S. between 1982 and 2012 except for BMW and Mini. Pre-1982 vehicles are not covered.
  • Chiltondiy: Most domestic and imported vehicles sold in the U.S. between 1940 and 2010. Most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and some imported vehicles sold in the U.S. after 2010.
  • HaynesOnline: The coverage is very limited. It is better to type your vehicle in the search box of Haynes website.
  • Mitchell1diy: Most domestic and imported vehicles sold in the U.S. between 1983 and 2011.

Notably, Chiltondiy covers old vehicles since 1940. Needless to say, the volume of contents is a little because of automotive technology back then. The price is the same, though. This is very questionable. Mitchell1diy sells DVD, titled VINTAGE, for old vehicles at the price of $150. VINTAGE covers almost all domestic and import vehicles sold in the U.S. between mid-1960′s and 1982. HaynesOnline does not have much coverage. Other three companies have comprehensive coverage between 1983 and 2010 except that Alldatadiy has no manuals for BMW and Mini. Next section is about contents of each company’s manual. I believe this is the most important factor of all.

  • Alldatadiy: I cannot find any lack of information. It is the most comprehensive of all.
  • Chitondiy: It lacks obd diagnostic procedures. Other than that, it is perfect.
  • HaynesOnline: It lacks lots of information throughout all categories. It is better to consider them as printed manuals on the computer with easy navigation, colorful pictures and pages. Many pictures and illustrations are shared with other model years. They may be going to upgrade the quality and content, but for now, they are definitely not worth the same price as other company’s repair manuals.
  • Mitchell1diy: It lacks some basic information. According to Mitchell1diy website, This product is designed for do-it-yourself mechanics who do only mechanical repairs. Therefore, some subjects are not covered. I found two contradictions in this statement. One is that they don’t cover some information of basic mechanical repairs like a thermostat and radiator removal and installation. The other one is that although they say the products are mainly designed for mechanical repairs, the manuals have lots of wiring diagrams equivalent to Alldatadiy and Chiltondiy.

Alldatadiy is perfect in contents. Chiltondiy is the second. Mitchell1diy is acceptable, but HaynesOnline is worthless. Lastly, let’s see how easy you can navigate the manuals.

  • Alldatadiy: It is very easy. You can quickly reach the information you need. All pages are neat and clear. Links and buttons are identified without an effort.
  • Chiltondiy: It is as easy as Alldatadiy.
  • HaynesOnline: it is as easy as Alldatadiy and Chiltondiy
  • Mitchell1diy: It is terrible. You will need dozens of clicks to reach the information you need. Sadly, relatively large volume of contents are organized unprofessionally. I tried to get used to it, but I’m sure I will never do. Mitchell1diy definitely needs an improvement on navigation.

Alldatadiy has the best navigation. All pages are designed to use all benefits of online manuals. Chiltondiy and HaynesOnline are also easy to navigate, but they give me an impression that their manuals are just printed manuals with easy navigation. It is hard to explain here, but Alldatadiy, Chiltondiy and Mitchell1diy have sample vehicle manuals. Once you browse all manuals, you will see what I mean, and also how terrible Mitchell1diy’s navigation is!


What’s the Best Online Auto Repair Manual? The answer is Alldatadiy. I just can’t find any drawbacks in Alldatadiy except that there are no BMW and Mini manuals available. The contents are as comprehensive as the professional version of Alldata manuals. Layout of pages is way better than other company’s manuals. You can see the difference in each sample, but before you test some sample manuals, you will notice that the website of Alldatadiy has much better design and navigation than others. I realize that the websites reflect overall quality of their manuals. Alldatadiy is the best in navigation and content. Chitondiy is average. HaynesOnline is just colorful. Mitchell1diy is hard to navigate.

The price of Alldatadiy is reasonable. If you order multiple manuals at the same time you will get discount, and moreover, there are many promotions and coupons. Keep in mind that you can change vehicle once during subscription. This is very friendly option, which any other companies don’t provide. Again, the conclusion is that the best online auto repair manual is Alldatadiy.

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