What’s the Best Online Auto Repair Manual? #2

Price is the one you see when you choose something among multiple items. When you choose the best online auto repair manual, people compare the prices with each other, and that would be the first thing to do. Here is a price list of each company’s 1 year subscription.

  • Alldatadiy: $26.95
  • Chiltondiy: $24.95
  • HaynesOnline: $29.99
  • Mitchell1diy: $25.99

As you see, there is no big difference in price. So if you plan to subscribe for every year, pricing is not an important factor of choosing one of online repair manual publishers. What about prices of a short term (1 month) subscription. Chiltondiy and Mitchell1diy offer 1 month subscription.

  • Chiltondiy: $14.95
  • Mitchell1diy: $16.99

As I mentioned in a previous page, both prices are expensive. They are almost half of 1 year subscription although the term of subscription is just 1 month, which is 1/12th term. Next is a price list of a long term subscription. Except for Chiltondiy, all companies offer longer term of subscription than 1 year.

  • Alldatadiy: $44.95 (5 years)
  • HaynesOnline: $39.99 (Lifetime)
  • Mitchell1diy: $39.99 (4 years)

All company’s options are different terms of subscription. You might think that I should compare the prices divided by years they offer. But it is unlikely to use the same car’s manual for more than 4 years, so whether it is 4 years or lifetime, I think it makes sense to compare the prices of a long term subscription as they are. Unfortunately, they are almost the same, and this cannot be a vital factor, either.

So, it turns out that they don’t have much difference in price. However, Alldatadiy exclusively offers a discount when you subscribe multiple manuals. If you need multiple manuals of 1 year subscription for 2 or more different cars, you will pay $26.95 for the first vehicle and $16.95 for each additional vehicle. If it is 5 years subscription, the price will be $44.95 for the first vehicle and $29.95 for each additional vehicle. For example, you have 4 friends who have different cars and need the manuals. When you purchase 1 year subscription together, the price will be $26.95 + $16.95 x 4 =$94.75 in total, and it is divided by 5. Each of you pays only $18.95. All of you get approximately 30% discount. The more you purchase the more discount you will get!. This is a huge advantage over other companies.

The next page will be a comparison of contents, which is the most important factor when you choose one. Since none of companies provides free trial, it is difficult to compare with each other. Sadly, this makes people hesitate to purchase, and they end up with choosing traditional printed manuals over online manuals. Click here to see the difference in contents among them.

Please note that a comparison in this page uses regular prices. Each company provides discounts, promotions or coupons at random. This website doesn’t cover this information. If you have any question about this page, feel free to ask. Please leave them below.

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