What’s the Best Online Auto Repair Manual? #1

There are several companies of online car repair manuals. It is difficult to choose which one is the best online auto repair manual. Because they are almost the same price, and you cannot find many quality reviews. Although they seem to be similar in contents, pricing, terms of subscription, there are differences among them. I made pages of comparison among 4 major online repair manual companies. In this page, let’s focus on the difference of a subscription term. This helps you choose one company of online car repair manuals.

  • Alldatadiy: 1 year & 5 years
  • Chiltondiy: 30 days & 1 year
  • HaynesOnline: 1 year & Lifetime
  • Mitchell1diy: 1 month & 1 year & 4 years

As you see, all companies have different options, but they offer at least two options. HaynesOnline is the only company that offers a lifetime subscription. This can be a great advantage over other companies, but people change cars. A lifetime subscription is not a perfect option for most people.

Alldatadiy and Mitchell1diy have option 5 and 4 years as a long term subscription. On average, people change cars every 2 to 3 years. Alldatadiy and Mitchell1diy set 5 and 4 years as a long term subscription so customers can use the manuals till they change cars. And during Alldatadiy subscription, you can change the vehicle once. This is very nice to customers and available in only Alldatadiy. However, I feel it unfriendly to make customers choose between 1 year and 4 or 5 years. It will be great if they offer a discount when you continue to subscribe another year.

As a short term subscription, Chiltondiy and Mitchell1diy have an option of 1 month. I believe these are worthless. The companies may intend to offer 1 month subscription as a trial, but both of them are too pricey for that. Do you think one month is enough for auto repair? Repairing a car for a month intensively is unusual for ordinary customers.

One year subscription is the term all companies offer. It seems the best and reasonable term of all. In the next page, let’s compare the prices or each company.

Please note that this is solely my opinion about online car repair manuals. Please leave a comment, if you have any question, idea, or your opinion whether for or against me. Any comments are welcome. I will get back to you in the next 24 hours. Thank you!

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