Mitchell Online Auto Repair Manual

Mitchell1DIY has over 20,000 vehicle’s information between 1983 and 2011. Mitchell 1 is a division of Snap-on, the leading automotive mechanic tool brand. Master technicians on its editorial staff continues to develop the manuals for the automotive industry. Mitchell online auto repair manual has a comprehensive vehicle coverage between 1983 and 2011. For the vehicles before 1983, (from mid 1960′s), Mitchell 1 has a DVD-ROM called VINTAGE. It is available for $150 in Mitchell 1 website.

You can access to not only general repair information but also the latest Technical Service Bulletins, Recalls, Maintenance and Estimator. A search box allows you to jump to the articles. In the articles, the word you typed in the search box is high-lighted, which makes it easier to identify the information you need.

They have 3 options for the subscription term. One month subscription costs $16.99, 1 year – $25.99 and 4 years – 39.99. There are sample manuals for 2 vehicles. You can thoroughly browse and experience these 2 manuals in the website. Unlike PRO version, wiring diagrams of Mitchell1diy is not with colors and a high-lightning feature. Pages of wiring diagrams are plain, black and white. Although many people compliment the wiring diagram of MItchell1PRO, I found it useless. If they create pages for each component or system, a high-lightning feature is not necessary in the first place. Combining all circuits in one page doesn’t have any benefits, and as time goes on, it will be much harder because of advancing and more complicating technology. Let’s make things clear, wiring diagrams of Mitchell1diy are like Alldatadiy’s, which I found it more useful and easier to see than PRO’s.

According to the website, Mitchell1diy doesn’t cover the following subjects: Body & Collision Repairs, Headlight, Tail Light Replacement, Windows and Regulators, Door Panels, Locks & Latches, Mirrors, Glass, Wipers, Filters, Spark Plugs and Wires, Radiators and Thermostats. As you see, most of them are basic, and these repair information has a frequent demand from customers, This is a huge drawback of Mitchell1DIY. Click here to see more details of reviews and comparison to other company’s manuals.

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