Haynes Online Repair Manual

After over 50 years of its history as a famous publisher of printed automotive repair manual, Haynes has started to enter the digital age by publishing repair manuals online. Starting 50 popular titles, more and more titles are releasing in digital form. Haynes online repair manuals have all contents of printed repair manuals with full color pages which makes visual enhancement, plus audio and video instructions, color photos, easy navigation, search box, etc….

There are approximately 750 photos in each manual which you can enlarge to see small details. Haynes online repair manuals use colors in wiring diagrams, too. You can trace the wire more easily. Many video instructions show you common do-it-yourself maintenance and repair jobs, such as oil change, filter change, etc…. With clicks of a mouse, you get to the specific page in no time. Hyperlinks throughout pages allow you to jump to pages in other chapters when you need additional information. Typing keywords or key phases in search box have the manual pop up related pages from the entire manual.

This change of Haynes Group has been made by its acquisition of Vivid Holding BV several years ago, a company with expertise in digital publishing. Starting 50 titles are available online by subscription of one year or lifetime. And more and more titles will be added. You can check the availability for you vehicle in their website. Haynes online repair manuals use full of benefits of digital products. Printed repair manuals are things of the past. You can use Haynes online repair manual with not only laptops but also tablets, iPads, and even smartphones. Now, it is time for you to use full of benefits of digital world. Click here to read my honest review of HaynesOnline.

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