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There are 2 different levels of Chilton repair manual online, Chilton Professional (ChiltonPRO) and Chilton Do-It-Yourself (ChiltonDIY).

ChiltonPro covers all contents professionals need. More than 20 years of both domestic and import vehicles’ information are frequently updated throughout the year. Chiltonpro provides you not only repair procedures but also labor guides, diagnostic procedures and Technical Service Bulletins. Subscribing ChiltonPro costs $134.95 per month and $1499.95 per year.

If you are a home mechanic and need a repair manual for only a specific car you own, ChiltonDIY is the right choice. ChiltonDIY costs $14.95 for 30 days subscription and $24.95 for one year subscription per vehicle. Navigation is so easy. All pages are neat and clear. They look plain, not using as many colors as HaynesOnline. But they are neat, clear and very easy to see. There are step by step procedures of almost all kinds of service. Unlike ChiltonPRO, they don’t have diagnostic prodecures of OBD related problems and labor guides. All photos and illustrations can enlarge for visual support.

ChiltonDIY has the option to ask a question for an additional help on the internet. Over 2000 certified automotive technicians are waiting for your question. And they usually return a question and answer in 15 minutes. It costs $9 to ask a question. And it will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the answer.

ChiltonDIY repair manuals are plain but very clear and more detailed contents than HaynesOnline repair manuals. They also have a lot more vehicles coverage. There are few sample vehicles that you can have full access to each manual. Visit and experience online manuals from one of automotive repair manuals publishers that have long history, or click here to read my review of ChiltonDIY.

2 thoughts on “Chilton Repair Manual Online

  1. Bill Crachy

    Do you have a sample page I can look at? And do you have info on an “04 E450 with a 6.0 diesel? I currently have an Alldata account and find it painful to look things up.


    1. admin Post author

      You can see a sample in chilton diy website. It is not for the same car as yours, but you will see the overview of their manuals.
      What exactly do you want to look up? I used to work on e350 6.0 diesel. Maybe I can help.


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