ALLDATA was founded in 1986. It is based in Elk Grove, California. It has been the leading source of vehicle repair information since then. provides online auto repair manuals for a single vehicle by subscription. So, is more suitable, convenient and economy for home mechanics than ALLDATA, which provides auto repair information of all models you don’t need.

ALLDATAdiy online repair manuals are made from Original Equipment Manufacturer service manuals. Because it is online, you can see up-to-date information, current Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls for your vehicle. They have all diagnostic trouble codes’ definition including manufacturer specific and provides detailed diagnostic procedures. ALLDATAdiy is updated as many as 4 times a year. All information is ALLDATA company’s data base, which means you can get access anywhere and anytime you need, as long as you have a computer with an internet connection.

Any pictures and illustrations are not with different years or engine sizes of the same model of vehicles. All information you will get is specific to your vehicle’s model, year, and engine size. Wiring diagrams are a must to locate electrical problems of complicated modern vehicles. Checking a labor time in advance helps you make a schedule for your repair.

Ordering parts are sometimes challenges, and it is frustrating that you receive wrong parts. ALLDATAdiy won’t let that happen. You can retrieve factory part numbers. Take the numbers to a parts store or search parts with the numbers online, and you will never experience returning wrong parts and waste your time by doing so.

2 sample vehicles’ manuals are available now! Click here to feel swiftness of navigation, see how detailed each piece of information is, zoom and print some images, etc….

The followings are the types of information available in the repair manuals.

Component Location
When all you need is to know the where the parts are. You can find it in a couple of clicks. Clear pictures or illustrations show you exactly where components are.

Service and Repair
It provides you step-by-step instructions of both a removal and an installation for each repair.

Exploded Diagrams
They are not just illustrations, but ones with torque specifications, information of assembly orders, and necessity of gasket replacement or applying grease.

Wiring Diagrams
They have colors of wires, the location of splices and connectors. They are very detailed yet, clear. Wiring diagrams are crucial to trace electrical systems of modern vehicles.

Diagnostic Flow Charts
Don’t intimidate by Check Engine Light. You may think It is hard to tackle with the problem that causes CEL to illuminate, but the manual has a step-by-step procedure for each trouble code. It couldn’t be easier than diagnosis with ALLDATAdiy.

Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls
Every year, car manufacturers publish lots of service bulletins about possible problems. They may significantly save your time or even eliminate do-it-yourself repairs.

Maintenance Schedules and Procedures
Lots of vehicle repairs can be prevented by proper maintenance. Following factory recommended maintenance schedules prolong your vehicle’s life.

How much does it cost?
You can choose terms of subscription between 1 year ($26.95) and 5 years ($44.95). If you want another manual for your different vehicle, prices are $16.95 for 1 year and $29.95 for 5 years for each additional vehicle.

Please note: A manual for BMW and Mini is not available due to the manufacturer request. Click here to see supported vehicles. click here to read reviews.

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